St. Joseph Catholic Church
Pastor:   Fr. Colin Franklin
Deacons:   Rev. Mr. Ken Berry

St. Joseph Catholic Church
509 N. Main
Edina, Missouri  63537
    St. Aloysius Catholic Church
RR 1
Baring, Missouri  63531

 Rectory Phone: (660) 397-2183 
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St. Aloysius Catholic Church

Prayer for Vocations

Holy Spirit,

It is you who open the heart and mind to the Divine Call.

It is you who make effective every impetus toward good, toward truth, toward charity.

Open the hearts and minds of men and women so that a new flowering of vocations may show forth the fidelity of our love, and all may know Christ, the true light come into the world, to offer to every human being the sure hope of eternal life.


St. Aloysius History  
In 1889, a church building committee was formed to assess the needs of the growing catholic community in the area that is now called Baring, Missouri. It was determined that there was a definite need for a church; thus, on July 10, 1893 Archbishop Peter Kenrick, the Archbishop of St. Louis, bought several lots in block 11 from Santa Fe Town and Land Company in the new and thriving railroad community of Baring. On this land St. Aloysius Church was built.

The church's frame was built by Frank J. Ponclet. with the help of many parishioners. The altar and communion rail were built by Henry Polhans. The church, completed in October 1893, was dedicated by Archbishop John Kain on November 13, 1893. The rectory was built next on additional land that was purchased on August 16, 1894 by Archbishop Kain. Local lumber was used by parishioners to build the new rectory.

In 1922 the church was expanded to have a seating capacity of 450. In 1926, a brick veneer was added to the exterior of the church; the church's stained glass windows were added at that time as well.

The parish bell was constructed in 1940. In 1955, the Grotto of the Immaculate Conception was built from porous rock that was gathered around New London, Missouri; parishioners also added decorative rocks that they had gathered or had on hand. In 1972, a new rectory was built to replace the previous rectory. The statues in church were renovated in 1992.

On June 5, 1994, St. Aloysius Church celebrated its centennial. The parish gathered together for the Eucharist, which was presided by Bishop Michael F. McAuliffe; a dinner followed in the parish hall.

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